Publicly available courses

Due to the disclosure status of most of our course partners, we're able to show you only a small subset of our actual products. We offer the same disclosure terms to you upon working together.

Speak Well On Camera

We teach you one of the most important skills to have in the 21st century: how to speak confidently and authoritatively on camera.

Body Language Science

Improve your confidence, attractiveness, and success. Learn everything you need to know about body language in one hour.

Microexpressions 101

Learn to read people, detect emotions, tell truths from lies, and significantly improve your social acuity with microexpressions.

The Sales Guide

Close more deals. Learn sales skills, marketing, psychological hacks, and more from a neuroscientist and molecular biologist.

LBF: Productivity 101

Learn the latest productivity, time management, & learning strategies from a neuroscientist and molecular biologist.

Lead With Your Voice

The ultimate vocal training bootcamp - make your voice powerful, authoritative, and attractive in just under two hours.