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Why we do what we do

Letter from the Founders

Consider: most businesses spend a lot of time and money manually training their staff to perform tasks. We started Let's Improve with the simple idea that, instead of spending fifty hours training each new recruit, you can alternatively create an simple online course in a fraction of the time and cut your face-to-face training time down to manageable levels. This saves money, ensures objectivity in training, and is highly scalable - so you can train five employees in the same amount of time you'd train five hundred.

Now think about a different but similar issue: many knowledge-based content creators on the internet have large audiences, yet earn very little money from their content. But what if you could monetize your audience by providing valuable information products that teach them skills in exchange for sales? And what if you could do that without spending a boat load of time preparing a course, writing a script, and skimping on the rest of your responsibilities?

Let's Improve just makes sense. Business owners come to us to simplify their onboarding and education flow while decreasing costs. Content creators come to us to design beautiful, informative courses that help monetize their audience while providing valuable skills. The definition of beauty, to us, is an elegant solution that improves the life of everyone involved - founder, employee, creator, and consumer. And that's what we strive to provide. The last few years have been a blast, and we hope to continue providing immense value to businesses and communities near and far. Thank you!

The last few years have been a blast, and we hope to continue providing immense value to businesses and communities near and far. Thank you!

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How it works

1. Discovery

Through call or email, we discuss your project & begin mapping out a rough shooting schedule (environment, length, etc).

2. Specifications

Once the project is handed off, we begin outlining the course and including the appropriate knowledge points.

3. Scripting & Storyboarding

Our team begins scripting and storyboarding your course, consulting with you as necessary until it's complete.

4. Filming & Editing

We film and edit your course from start-to-finish. This usually takes three or four days (depending on length).

5. Revisions

Once we're done the first draft, we send it to you for revisions. Most clients require only one (and some none!)

6. Complete

Congratulations! At this point, your course is complete and ready to begin making you time & money.

Consistent, value-based pricing

During the discovery stage, we determine a budget and deliverable schedule that works for you. If you're unsure about what to expect, we offer a $37 one-time trial so you can explore before you lock in a larger project.

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